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Breastfeeding Links & Articles

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Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition:
Breastfeeding Basics – Idaho Breastfeeding Laws, Breastfeeding Support Resources by Region.
Every Ounce Counts - Texas WIC Program
Breastfeeding basics; latch, positions, hunger cues, breast care.
Kelly Mom
Hot topics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, ages and stages, parenting, health, nutrition
Le Leche League
Resources - Breastfeeding Info A-Z, Get help - find local support; feeding in emergencies (multilanguage), support groups.
Breastfeeding USA
Breastfeeding information - articles, videos, FB group.
Hug Your Baby
Parent resources: prenatal classes, videos, articles, books.
Stanford Medicine/Newborn Nursery
Professional Education: vidoes, articles.
Lactation Education Resources
Some materials/resources available in other languages.
Breastfeeding Resources - multilanguage
Afghan Language Resources (Dari, Farsi, Pashto)
Materials/Resources in multilanguage.
CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
General breastfeeding guidelines, recommendations, emergencies, data/statistics.
OASH - Office on Women's Health
General breastfeeding information, pumping/storing, latch, challenges.

Extra Videos
Paced Bottle Feeding

Breastfeeding Legal Rights
NCSL - National Conference of State Legislatures


Below are links to articles our breastfeeding experts have either written themselves or found among breastfeeding literature.

Breastfeeding and Returning to Work

USBFC: Breastfeeding a Critical Strategy for Obesity Prevention

Skin-to-Skin Contact

Health Care Legislation and Breastfeeding

Common Questions about Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Promotion and Support in WIC

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