Valley County Opioid Response Project (VCORP)

Valley County Opioid Response Project (VCORP) received a $1 million grant in late 2020. The focus is on prevention, treatment and recovery from opioid use disorder (OUD) in Valley County and the surrounding communities over the next three years.

The grant supports a collaborative consortium of partners to increase collaborative relationships between multi-sector stakeholders, including clinical, behavioral health and local schools. The Valley County Opioid Response Project (VCORP) Consortium meets monthly and community members are welcome to attend.

Boise State University, ECHO Idaho, EPIC Psychological Services, Peer Wellness Center and Western Central Mountains Youth Advocacy Coalition are subgrantees of the grant. Together, CDH, the subgrantees, and the VCORP Consortium will address prevention, treatment and recovery in Valley County through 45 activities specified by grant. The grant also established a co-located office space to serve as a hub/recovery support center in McCall in 2021 called the Recovery Oriented Community, or The ROC.


Shelly Hitt | VCORP Project Coordinator