What is IRIS?

Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Information System.
A statewide system to help you and your healthcare provider keep track of your family’s immunization records.
Completely confidential, voluntary and secure; your information can only be accessed by enrolled healthcare providers, schools or child care programs.

Patients receiving immunizations at the Central District Health (CDH) and other immunization providers throughout the state will be automatically enrolled in Idaho’s Immunization Reminder Service (IRIS).

Almost every state in the nation has an immunization registry to help physicians and parents ensure that children are appropriately immunized and protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. In Idaho, that system is called IRIS, which stands for Immunization Reminder Information System. IRIS is a confidential, computerized system that enables healthcare providers to consolidate and maintain immunization records for the children for whom they provide care.

Parents may choose to opt out of IRIS by completing the online IRIS Opt-Out form or by downloading and completing a written IRIS Opt-Out form (also available in Spanish) and mailing to: Idaho Immunization Program P.O. Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0036

How do you or your child get into IRIS?

  • All children born in Idaho are added to IRIS at birth.
  • Your medical provider can add your family’s immunization records into IRIS if they are not in the registry.
  • Any enrolled provider administering a vaccination to a child can update records.

How will IRIS help me?

  • If you move, your new medical provider, school, or child care provider, can retrieve your or your child’s immunization record in IRIS.
  • If your or your child’s immunization record is lost, any enrolled medical provider, school, or child care provider can retrieve and print an official copy of your or your child’s immunization record.
  • School and childcare providers can retrieve an official copy of your child’s immunization record.
  • IRIS reduces the chance of having incorrect or additional immunizations given due to incomplete records.
  • Immunization schedules are complex; IRIS helps your healthcare provider keep track of which shots are due and when.

What information is entered into IRIS?

The following information is needed to identify you or your child in IRIS:

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Guardian’s first name (when applicable)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Information which may determine if your child is eligible for state supplied vaccine
  • Your child’s current shot record and any previous shots that have been given
  • Vaccine deferrals and exemptions

IRIS Opt-Out Information
Idaho Immunization Program (IIP)

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