Food Safety Training

Accredited Food Protection Manager Requirement

Effective as of July 1, 2018:
An accredited food protection manager must meet the following criteria: 1.) Have supervisory authority to direct and control food preparation activities. 2.) Have supervisory authority to correct food safety violations. 3.) Have successfully completed one of the nationally accredited food safety examinations. As of the date of this guidance, those examinations are provided by one of the following organizations:

360 Training®
Above Training/State Food Safety®
National Registry of Food Safety Professionals®
ServSafe® (National Restaurant Association)

Idaho Food Code Guideline 21

Idaho Food Safety & Sanitation Certification

Completing this four-hour course provides an Idaho certification in food safety under the state’s Food Protection Program. The certification is good for five years. For more information and to register call 327-7499. Cost: $48

Idaho Food Safety & Sanitation Certification
Class Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
| CDH, 707 N. Armstrong Place, Boise

  • No classes scheduled at this time

    ServSafe® Manager Certification

    ServSafe® is an 8-hour food safety course sanctioned by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and designed to provide food service managers with the knowledge necessary to meet state and national standards. The certification is valid for five years and can be used anywhere in the United States. The course is intended for food service managers, but is open to all food service employees. The registration fee covers all classroom materials and lunch. For more information and to register call 327-7499. >> Class sizes are limited and classes fill quickly. Paid registration is first come, first served.
    Cost: $130

    ServSafe® Manager Certification
    Class Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    | CDH, 707 N. Armstrong Place, Boise (unless otherwise specified)

    2019/2020 CLASS DATES
    Call 208-327-7499 for availability.


  • Wednesday, October 23, McCall


  • Tuesday, January 7
  • Wednesday, January 22
  • Thursday, February 6
  • Tuesday, February 18
  • Wednesday, March 4
  • Thursday, March 19
  • Tuesday, April 7
  • Wednesday, April 22
  • Thursday, May 7
  • Tuesday, May 19
  • Wednesday, June 3
  • Thursday, June 18
  • Tuesday, July 7
  • Wednesday, July 22
  • Thursday, August 6
  • Tuesday, August 18
  • Wednesday, September 2
  • Thursday, September 17

    On-Site Training

    Any food establishment in Ada, Boise, Elmore or Valley counties can request that a CDH Environmental Health Specialist present one of the classroom courses at their place of business. We require a minimum of 10 students for an on-site training. Call 208-327-7499 for more information.

    Additional Resources
    Idaho Online Food Safety Exam

    Basic Food Safety Video

    The Basic Food Safety video is a six-part video covering the basics of food safety. The video is designed for entry-level food service employees, but the information is useful for review of key topics as well as home kitchens. The Basic Food Safety video does not offer certification. Cost: FREE!

    Creative Commons License

    The Basic Food Safety Video by Central District Health, Boise, ID is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available by contacting CDH's Public Information Office.

    Part 1 - Introduction

    Foodborne illnesses are responsible for more than 75 million illnesses, more than 230,000 hospitalizations, and approximately 5,000 deaths each year in the United States. In Part 1, we show you 3 types of contamination and how improper handling can allow them to become dangerous to your patrons.
    Video not showing? Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

    Part 2 - Holding Time and Temperature

    The top 5 current foodborne illnesses in the United States are introduced here. Learn about proper holding times and temperatures, and what qualifies potentially hazardous foods to fall into the "Danger Zone," where bacteria rapidly grow and become dangerous to customers.
    Video not showing? Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

    Part 3 - Poor Personal Hygiene

    Poor personal hygiene is responsible for many foodborne illnesses in the United States. Learn about proper hand washing and personal grooming, illnesses that either restrict or exclude employees from working, and watch a lighthearted example of poor personal hygiene featuring "Harold the Cook."
    Video not showing? Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

    Part 4 - Inadequate Cooking and Contamination

    Learn about 2 major causes of foodborne illness in the United States; inadequate cooking and contaminated equipment. Find the proper minimum cooking temperature ranges for meat, fish and poultry, and learn about proper washing and sanitization techniques.
    Video not showing? Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

    Part 5 - Adulterated Food

    Learn about the 5th leading cause of foodborne illness; Adulterated Food. Purchase foods only from approved sources, rotate stock, and keep storage areas clean.
    Video not showing? Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

    Part 6 - Review

    Review the information in Parts 1 through 6 on Basic Food Safety. Use this episode as a refresher course on everything you've learned about Basic Food Safety in Idaho. Video not showing? Click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

    Food Safety Training Contacts

    Email Environmental Health

    Scott Paradis
    Environmental Health Specialist 2
    Cell 208-871-2103

    Joe Antonucci
    Senior Environmental Health Specialist
    Cell 208-985-3399

    Brent Copes
    Senior Environmental Health Specialist
    Cell 208-860-5469

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