Food Safety Program Fees

Food Safety Program Fees

Food Permit Renewals for 2020 are now subject to late fees and must be made in person at the CDH office nearest you. The late fee for renewals made between Jan 1-15, 2020 is $35; after Jan 15, 2020, the late fee is $70. If you have questions, please call CDH's Community & Environmental Health Division at 208-327-7499.

Idaho House Bill (HB) 151 was passed during the 2019 Legislative Session. HB 151 amends Idaho Code (Section 39-1607) to revise provisions regarding certain fees for food establishments. To view the bill, click HERE.

Changes to Temporary Food Establishment permit fees are in effect. Other Food Establishment permit fee changes went into effect on July 1, 2019 and others took effect on January 1, 2020.


Temporary Food Establishments

Temporary events include parades, street fairs, festivals, and similar events that operate for a specific term not to exceed 14 consecutive days. Normally, the applicant does not qualify for a permanent license. At the end of the event, the establishment will be removed from the premises. The annual Food Establishment License issued to restaurants and caterers for their permanent location or commisary is not applicable to a Temporary Food Establishment at events. View requirements and related resources, HERE.

  • Operating for 1 day | $35
  • Operating for 2 or 3 days | $45
  • Operating for 4 days or multiple events | $72

Mobile Food Establishments

  • Full Service without commissary | $72
  • Full Service with commissary | $92


  • All other food establishments except those with more than 2 licenses on one premises | $160
  • Food establishments with more than 2 licenses on one premise | $200
  • Plan Review Fee | $100
  • USDA 2nd Inspection | $204
  • Late Fee Jan 1-15 | $35
  • Late Fee After Jan 15 | $70
  • License Reinstatement | $18
  • Request for Variance | $50
  • Compliance Conference (/Hour) | $100
  • Enforcement and Legal Fees (/Hour) | $150

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Food Safety Training

  • Serv-Safe Managers Food Safety Certification Course | $145
  • Serv-Safe Class Re-Take | $55
  • Serv-Safe Essentials Book | $58
  • Idaho Food Safety Manager Certification | $48
  • Food Safety Video | $25 or watch online for free!
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Other Services

  • Professional Services (consultation/training) – $78/hour

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