Diseases & Conditions

Communicable Disease Contacts


Our staff work to prevent the spread of diseases in our community. There are over 70 different illnesses that are reportable to public health in Idaho. When someone is diagnosed with one of these illnesses, epidemiologists:


    work to find out the source of illness,

    determine if other people may have been exposed or if an outbreak has occurred,

    provide education to help prevent re-infection, and

    determine if people need to stay home from daycare, work, or school to prevent the illness from spreading.

Email Communicable Diseases

Program Manager

Surabhi Malesha

(208) 327-8622


Victoria O’Dell

(208) 327-8625


Sarah Wright

(208) 327-8625


Jessica McClenahan

(208) 327-8625

Associate Epidemiologist

Dawn Irons

(208) 327-8625

Sexual Health Educator

Mindy Hoskins

(208) 327-8625