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Information about Submitting an Event Form

CDH has a Public Health Advisory in place for Ada, Boise, Elmore, and Valley Counties. Gatherings, especially those that bring together large groups in close settings, are higher risk environments for potential COVID-19 exposure. Indoor venues pose a greater risk than outdoor venues. Those who are at a higher risk for severe impacts from COVID-19 or who are not vaccinated should avoid large gatherings. View CDH’s recommendations for Safer Gatherings, HERE and the Public Health Advisory, HERE.

EVENTS IN BOISE: If your event of more than 50 people will be held in the City of Boise, per the City of Boise's Public Health Order (updated April 28, 2021), you must submit a COVID-19 safety plan (form) to Central District Health for review and recommendation for approval by the City of Boise. Click HERE or scroll down on this page to learn more and complete this form.


Steps for submitting your COVID-19 Safety Planning Form for events of more than 50 people within the City of Boise:

1.) Fill out the form for City of Boise Events below.

After submitting your health and safety COVID-19 Safety Planning form, consider if there are city permits you might need to pursue for your event (Special Event, park, alcohol, etc.) and any associated lead times required. Learn more HERE.

2.) Upon CDH's receipt of your form, CDH staff will review your plan. CDH's standard turnaround time for review and approval is within 48 hours.

3.) Once your form is reviewed and signed by CDH, an email will be automatically sent back to you (the applicant) and will include a PDF of the signed form/agreement. CDH's signature will indicate recommendation that your event plan be approved by the City of Boise. City of Boise staff will also receive a PDF version of your signed plan via email.

4.) The event planner will work with City of Boise department(s) to ensure licenses, permits, reservations, etc. are in place in accordance with Boise City Code application deadlines.

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