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Central District Health Food Inspectors conduct regular inspections of restaurants, taverns, grocery stores, meat markets and bakeries to determine proper hygiene and food handling practices of operators and their employees.

All food facilities receive one unannounced inspection each year. When critical violations are noted during an inspection, they must be corrected immediately or the inspector will have to schedule a follow-up inspection.

This database contains inspection results dating back three years.

By clicking on the link above you can search for inspection results by the name of the food establishment or by its address.


Environmental Health

Food Contacts by County

Key To Violations

  • 1.  Required food safety knowledge
  • 2.  Employee illness policy action
  • 3.  Eating, drinking, tobacco use in a food preparation area
  • 4.  Food worker with discharge from eyes, nose or throat
  • 5.  Incorrect hand washing practice
  • 6.  Bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food
  • 7.  Inadequate hand washing facilities
  • 8.  Food not from an approved source
  • 9.  Food received in unsafe condition
  • 10.  Inadequate record keeping of seafood and fish
  • 11.  Improper separation and protection of food
  • 12.  Improper cleaning/sanitization of food contact surface
  • 13.  Food returned and re-served
  • 14.  Food unsafe for consumption
  • 15.  Incorrect cook time and cook temp
  • 16.  Incorrect reheating of food
  • 17.  Incorrect food cooling process
  • 18.  Incorrect hot holding temperature of food
  • 19.  Incorrect cold holding temperature of food
  • 20.  Incorrect food dating
  • 21.  Inadequate food/time records
  • 22.  Improper consumer advisory for under-cooked or raw food
  • 23.  Pasteurized or thoroughly cooked food required
  • 24.  Incorrect use of food additives
  • 25.  Improper storage or labeling of toxic items
  • 26. Conformance with approved procedures

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