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Tobacco Prevention

Creating a Healthier Community by:

  • Preventing initiation of tobacco use among youth
  • Promoting tobacco cessation among adults and youth
  • Eliminating exposure to environmental tobacco smoke
  • Identifying and eliminating tobacco-related disparities

Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth

CDHD works with partners to educate youth about being tobacco free.

Promoting Tobacco Cessation

Eliminating Exposure to Secondhand Smoke
With Tobacco-free Policy

In 2006 The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke: A Report of the Surgeon General was published (see full report). He concluded that there is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

Central District Health is eager to work with you to adopt a policy that restricts tobacco use. For assistance please contact us.

What about “personal rights”?

Smoking is not a protected right as the following document explains:
There is No Constitutional Right to Smoke: 2008
by Samantha K. Graff

Free Signs with Smoke-Free or
Tobacco-Free Policy:

Venues in Ada, Boise, Elmore, or Valley county that adopt tobacco-free or smoke-free policies can order FREE metal signs from Central District Health Department to help with policy implementation.

Contact Joanne Graff at Central District Health Department for details or for more information.
Phone: 208-327-8543 or Email Joanne Graff.


If you could have a safer, healthier, more productive workplace - and it wouldn't cost you a dime - would you?

Making your business tobacco-free can do all that, and more!

Our experienced staff has assisted numerous employers with their policy development and implementation. Please contact us if your business is interested in adopting a policy.

Save Lives, Save Money – Make Your Business Smoke-Free

CDHD Drug/Tobacco/Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy


Why pursue a smoke-free policy?

It can help you save money. The cost of rehabilitating a smoke-free unit can be up to seven times less than that of a smoking unit.

It protects the health of your tenants and employees.

It helps reduce the risk of smoking-related fires.

Central District Health Department is working with multi-housing complexes and apartments to enact policy that restricts smoking. Please contact us for assistance in policy development and implementation.


Top 4 Reasons for Smoke-Free Park Policy

1. Parks promote healthy activities.

2. Children model adult behaviors.

3. Secondhand smoke is dangerous.

4. Cigarette litter is harmful.

Park and Recreation Areas Promote Health

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